dimanche 11 mars 2007

GUANTÁNAMO, PICTURES FROM HOME. QUESTIONS OF JUSTICE, A photo and video exhibition in Houston, Texas

Présentation d’une exposition de 100 photos ainsi que de vidéos et de textes sur Guantánamo à FotoFest, 1113 Vine Street, Suite 101, Houston, Texas 77002, P (713) 223-5522 F (713) 223-4411, du 31 mars au 19 mai 2007
Guantánamo. A word and a place that have become a part of our vocabulary, unsettling and unseen, invoking some of the most controversial aspects of the war on terror since 2001. GUANTÁNAMO. Pictures From Home. Questions of Justice. is a rare glimpse into the life of the prison, the men who are detainees, and the U.S. lawyers who represent them. The words of the lawyers who are representing the detainees, their photographs and interviews, the de-classified proceedings from military tribunals take us from the Middle East and Afghanistan into the cells of Guantánamo. The stories raise deeply troubling questions how the U.S. is dealing with the war on terror and its reverberations throughout the world.
Guantánamo. Pictures From Home. Questions of Justice. will be on public view at FotoFest from March 31 to May 19, 2007. The opening is Saturday, March 31 with the project director, artists, curator, and participating lawyers.
The exhibition presents images and stories gathered together over the past two years by photographer Margot Herster. The photographs are accompanied by video and sound installations done by Ms. Herster and Houston-born photographer and video artist Carolyn Mara Borlenghi.
For more information, please contact:
Vinod Hopson, projects@fotofest.org, 713.459.7294
Patti Stoddart, press3@fotofest.org, 713.223.5522 ext 26
Updated information will be available on the FotoFest website, March 15, 2007

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