samedi 3 novembre 2007

Écrivez à Adel Hamad !

Dear Collectif guantanamo,
We are writing today because there is a simple act you can do that can make a world of difference.
We recently sat down with the lawyers of Adel Hamad to get an update on his situation. We learned that the newest head of Guantanamo has moved the vast majority of the detainees into 22 hour total lock down. This is complete isolation from human contact with a mere 2 hours of "recreation time" occurring in a small concrete room, not outdoors, and often in the middle of the night. Needless to say, more and more cases of psychosis and other significant psychiatric conditions are arising from indefinite detention under these conditions.
Fortunately Adel Hamad is one of about 50 detainees not in lockdown but morale is still at an all-time low. He has watched many detainees, some of whom have actual evidence against them, get released simply because the United States has good relations with their home countries (Britain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia etc.). Others like him—where the government has produced no evidence-- hospital administrators, fruit vendors, people turned in because of bounties offered by the U.S. or Pakistanis simply for being foreigners or looking different-- remain at Guantanamo for no other reason than the U.S. is not friendly with their country of origin.
Hamad's lawyers have just now learned, from their recent trip to Sudan, that he was cleared for transfer in November of 2005, TWO YEARS AGO. The U.S. government never shared this information with his own defense team and obviously do not seem to feel any obligation to expedite the release of a man that they have charged with no crime.
But we aren't writing you to share yet another piece of depressing news you can do nothing about. For the last 10 months we have been encouraging Project Hamad members to write Adel Hamad at Guantanamo, to make sure the U.S. government knows he has not been forgotten. We were operating under the assumption that he might never see the letters. But he mentioned them to his lawyers as the only bright spot in an otherwise grim existence.. A parish from the midwest that had organized a letter writing campaign on his behalf, has received letters back from Hamad, thanking them, and wishing them well.
We are hoping that you will take a moment, with the two year anniversary of his "transfer approval" approaching, and write Adel Hamad.
Adel Hamad (ISN 940)
Camp Delta
P.O. Box 160
Washington DC
20053 USA
Laura, David and Ben
Project Hamad

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